Starting from $8.75
By: Amelys

Housekeeping service including dusting, floor maintenance, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and living room, small appliances, oven and refrigerator. Meal preparation and help for errands.

Price information

8,75$ to 21,95$ /per hour
(Amélys is accredited by the province’s health insurance board (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec, or RAMQ). Financial aid is available depending on client,s eligibility).
Rates can vary without prior notice.

Product details


Experienced staff.

Thorough work given in a broad discretion.


Frequency of service chosen by client.

Clean environment encouraging well-being.

Makes it easier for you to continue living at home.


Offered by


Saint-Hubert, Quebec

Amélys is a non-profit social economy organization founded in 1998. Thanks to their skills and expertise, over 150 employees support your independent living with a personalized approach that focuses on your integrity and dignity. Amélys helps seniors, the elderly, convalescents and those with reduced mobility by providing home support services.

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