Ottawa, Ontario

EcoEquitable is a catalyst for social justice, integration, and environmentalism. We are proud to be an inclusive hub for many of Ottawa’s newest female residents, who bring dedication and passion to creating new designs, learning new skills, and building community within this city.


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EcoEquitable has developed several business lines to financially support the charitable work that we do. EcoEquitable provides contract sewing services for small designers and businesses. We sew conference bags and promotional materials. We also help designers develop their vision and translate it into full collections. We also offer intermediate and advanced sewing workshops to the public.

We provide training and support to newcomer women, helping them to realize their full potential, and to share their creations with the people of Ottawa. We partner with other organizations and businesses towards a sustainable textile industry, creatively recycling and repurposing textile waste into new products. “Fill Bag” fabric sales, which are primarily volunteer run, are held three times annually, each time growing and attracting more customers. EcoEquitable has diverted hundreds of pounds of textile waste from the landfill, and instead these unique, recycled, high quality and affordable fabrics became the inspiration for crafts and projects across Ottawa. From our Fill Bag events and sales from the boutique, we estimate that we’ve diverted over 7,000 pounds of textile waste per year.
Many women came to Ottawa from countries at war or from other traumatic situations. EcoEquitable works with these women to gain the skills needed for meaningful employment and sustainable livelihoods over the long term. We focused not only on teaching specific sewing skills, but also encouraged the development of employability skills through coaching, mentoring, volunteering, and contributions to projects and events.


Heartwood House, 404 McArthur Avenue, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario
K1K 1G8

+1 613-562-1739

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