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How do I login?
Registration - Merchant with the Product and Services Directory membership
Registration - Merchant with an Online sales membership
How do I enter the delivery information?
How do I proceed when the customer takes himself material possession of the goods?
How can I display my products on Akcelos?
How can I access my orders?
How can I fill in the orders?
What is the procedure to deliver the merchandise?
How do I proceed for in-store pick-up?
Do you wish to add an additional user to manage everything related to your account?


How to register?


Before you sign up, you must be certified. You will need to complete the Certification questionnaire, which you will find on our Homepage, under the "Join us"  tab or in the footer under the "Become a partner" tab.  We ask you to allow a  2-3 day delay to analyze your application.

Once your organization has been approved you will receive a confirmation email along with a temporary password and a link that will allow you to start the registration process.



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How to login?


To create a merchant account, click on the tab "Login" at the top right corner of the Homepage. Log on as a Merchant by using your email address and the temporary password you have received by email from Akcelos.



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Merchant with Product and Services Directory Membership only


Once you have successfully logged in you will be directed to the Dashboard. Click on “Merchant file” and then on “Merchant details” and fill in your data. At anytime you will be able to modify the data entered.



Step 1: Basic Information

You must enter in this first section your enterprise’s data. If you wish to enter the information in both French and English, you will need to enter all the information in the spaces identified with  (fr) and (en). Do not leave any space empty because you will get an error message and you won’t be able to save the information entered. Here are a few tips:



Display languages : check the language(s) you wish to display your merchant profile and products/services.

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Step 2: Administrative information

In this section, we would like, for administrative purposes, a contact person's coordinates. This information will only be accessible to Akcelos or your Affiliate partner.



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Step 3: Contact information

If the contact person is the same for customer service, simply check the "same as the administrative contact info" box.



If the customer service contact is different, please submit the following information:


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 Merchants with online sales membership



You have access to a Dashboard which enables you to manage your merchant account. Click on "merchant file" and then on "Merchant details" and enter all the requested information. You will be able to modify this data at anytime.

Refer yourself to the steps 1 to 4 listed in the above section: "Merchand with products and services directory only". 


Step 5: Enterprise and tax numbers

If your social enterprise doesn't have tax numbers (because your sales are below $30 000 a year) please check the box as indicated below.



If your social enterprise does have tax numbers, please fill in as the example below.


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Step 6: Return and reimbursement Policy

Merchants that sell online must include in this section their Return and Reimbursement Policy file. It must include the following details:

The maximum days given to return an item.
Fees (if applicable) upon the return of the parcel.
The shipping method for returns.
If the original receipt (proof of purchase) is requested.
If the original packaging is requested.
If the item needs to be in the same condition has received, in order to be refunded.
Any other detail that you feel is pertinent.

Once completed, don't forget to Save all the data.



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Shipment of merchandise


Step 1

Now that your "Merchant information" has been entered, click on "Delivery"  and then on " Select a shipping template" in order to enter all the related information. Click on "Create a new shipping template".



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Step 2 : Terms of delivery

You will then see " Terms of delivery". You will need to create a shipping template for your products and we suggest that you give it a practical, easy to remember name. If your products require a variety of delivery options, you will probably need to create more than one shipping template model. 

Please indicate the name of your shipping template and then click on the appropriate "available option".  In the example below, the postal option was chosen.



A new window will open, where you will need to indicate by a checkmark the areas you deliver to. Afterwards, indicate the number of days required for Regular  delivery (3 options are available) and scroll down the arrow to indicate the cost of delivery per item and/or per order. If you offer express delivery repeat the same procedure.



Once the Delivery terms have been saved, a new window will open (see the screen shot below).  If you wish to modify the information given, please click on the symbol identified by the arrow,



For Postal delivery, the merchant will need to contact Canada Post, UPS, Purolator etc. in order to get the shipment details such as: tracking number, shipping fees and the general terms of delivery ( delay and schedule). 

For delivery by the Merchant, you will need to indicate (1) delivery costs by order (2) or by item (3) and what are the general terms of delivery such as the delivery time and schedule.

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Taking possession of an item/service

If for example you sell goods that can't be delivered such as: academic or leisure training sessions, conference room rental etc. the Delivey template to use is "Ownership template".


Step 1: Click on "Ownership template" and then on "Select an ownership template". 



Step 2:  Click on "Create a new ownership template".  Again, you will need to create a delivery model, name it and in the space below indicate the details in regards to taking possession of the product/service. If you need more options , repeat the procedure and assign a different name to each  model and "Save".


Please note:

For pickup on premises, you need to give details such as: store opening hours, delay for pickup and the address.

If you sell a service or numeric product, you will need to create an ownership template. For example: You can come in next Monday as of 9 am  and make sure to bring your invoice. For a numeric product you could specify that the customer can access the website xx and download the software. 

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How to post up a product?


Once you are done with the Merchant part, you can now go ahead with the Product posting. Note that your "merchant file" is only published when you post up at leat one product.

You can access your products by going to your Merchant space and by clicking on "Products" listed in the menu on your left. This is where you will be able to manage all your online products and inventory. To create a posting, click on "Add" and start entering the data. 



As for the Merchant file, the data to be entered for your product(s) are separated by categories:


1. Product File Details

In this first section, enter all general information of your product. Here are a few details  on the information requested:



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2. Pictures

Insert picture(s) of your product or service that best describe the service(s) you offer. Please note that a minimum format size (680x580 pixel) is required in order to assure a clear and good resolution of your picture. You can add more pictures by clicking on "Add new" and if you wish to delete your picture click on the "x" shown by the arrow.

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3. Sales parameters

If you have a Online sales membership, you have the option to post your product in the directory only or actually sell it online. if you wish the latter option, click on " Activate online sale on". You will need to indicate the number of units available for sale. 

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4. Options (optional)

This section allows you to offer your product with variations. For example, if the merchant offers a product in the colour blue at $30, the customer could purchase the original version or choose to purchase it in the green colour.


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5. Terms of delivery


 In this section, you will need to enter the following information:



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6. Taxation rules

In this section, you will need to indicate all applicable taxes to be charged upon purchase of your product. All taxes will be calculated by Akcelos at time of purchase according to the customer's billing address. 


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7. Certifications (optional)

If your product has been certified, you can promote it by checking the Fair trade or organic boxes. Please note that Akcelos will confirm the validity of the certification, therefore make sure you have proof of certification by a recognized organism.



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8. Policy (optional)

You can add a policy for returns, cancellations, etc., specifically for a product. To do this, add the policy (in a PDF or Word file) to this product description. For the details needed in your policy, refer yourself to the question entitled: What information is requested in my Return/Reimbursement Policy? which you will find on the Merchant support page. For additional information or support, contact us at:


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The status of your order can be found in your Dashboard. Upon reception of an order, you will get a notification email.  When clicking on it, you will be directed automatically to the order section of the Dashboard. Another way to access it, is to log in your Merchant space. It will take you to your dashboard and then click on "Orders". You will see in the second tab "Orders pending" which need attention from your part. You will then see the order detailed information as in the example below: 

A - Date, B - Status, C - Customer and Product details, D - Total and E - Delivery delay



If you wish to see the order summar, click on "View" as indicated by one of the red arrows. You will see below the window that will open. If you wish to go back to the Dashboard, click on the "Return" key.



If everything is to your satisfaction, click on "Accept". When the order is accepted, the customer will receive an email advising him that the order has been received and is being handled. The order status will then switch to "In process" (see screen shot below).

Please note: An email will be sent to you if you have not taken any action within 24h, 48h and 72 h upon reception of the order.

If after 7 days, the order is still in "pending" status you will receive a phone call from Akcelos in order to make sure you have not missed the order notification. With all due respect for the customers, we ask you to verify a few times daily your dashboard and email box . In order to diligently finalize all orders, you must apply action at each different step.



You must take action in order to have the merchandise delivered (by mail, by a carrier, by your enterprise or have the client pick it up on premises). When the merchandise is ready to be shipped, click on "Ship". you will then be transferred to the window "Confirm shipment". 

1) For mail or carrier delivery

Click on the item(s) which will be delivered, add in the tracking number and use the scrolling menu to choose the delivery option (for example: by mail). Afterwards, click on "Save".


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2) For delivery by merchant

Click on the item(s) which you will deliver and indicate additional delivery information for the customer (date, time or any other pertinent detail for the customer) and afterwards click on "Save".



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3) For pick-up in store

Click on the item(s) that will be picked up in store and indicate all important information for the customer's use.  Afterwards click on "Save".



The order will now move forward to the "Finalized" status. The customer will then receive an email with the detailed information for order ownership. On your end, you will receive as well, an email to confirm the shipping of the order. You will see the new status "Finalized" on tour Dashboard.



You have just completed your first order!

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Do you wish to add an additional user to manage everything related to your account?

On your Dashboard, click on "Users" and fill in all the information requested. When you are done, click on "Save".


Should you have further questions, comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at: or at: 1-855-788-8875

or 514-788-8875 ext.1.

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