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How to make an advanced search?
How to make purchases?
How can I track my order?


Create your customer account in 3 easy steps!


You will need to create a customer account in order to make purchases on Akcelos.


Step 1


To create your customer account, you must first click on the tab “Login” at the top right of the page.



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Step 2


If you already have a customer account, you can enter the email address and password you chose during your registration. You are now able to put in orders, have access to these as well as your purchase history. If this is your first visit on Akcelos, click on the tag “Login” on the top right.



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Step 3


You will be asked to fill in the necessary information to create your account. Once the information is entered, you will be ready to start shopping on the first nationwide social economy transactional website! 



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How to make an advanced search?


You have four ways to find exactly what you need on Akcelos.

  1. First of all, you can search by region. That search engine can be found at the top right of the page. Click on the desired region and afterwards enter the type of product you are looking for in the top search section. Don't forget that if you wish to purchase directly online, your product can be purchased in any province and be delivered to you. 
  2. You can click on the tab "Advanced search".
  3. You will find on the left side of the screen a menu bar  where you will be able to select products by category, price or accreditation.
  4. A link directing you to the "advanced search" page is accessible at all times in the footer.



By clicking on the tab “advanced search”, you will be able to search according to the following four criterias:

  1. The Affiliate partners are support organizations or social enterprise networks to whom the merchants are affiliated.
  2. The accreditations are certifications received from organizations.
  3. Enterprise types refer to the different legal forms merchants can take on.
  4. You can as well search by region as specified above.



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How to make purchases?


You will be able to shop if you first create your customer account.

if you wish, for example, to order a meal for your team meeting, you will find it in the “Food” section. The different product categories offered on Akcelos are accessible either with the infobar located at the top of the page or for new listings through the carousel.



Once you will of selected the product(s) that interest you, you will be directed to your shopping cart. You will then have the option to either continue shopping or finalize your order. Enter the quantity needed and continue.



When ready to submit your order you will be asked to fill in a billing address and to specify your shipping address.



You will then have to identify your the way you wish to recuperate your merchandise. Generally, you will have the option of having your merchandise delivered or to pick it up on premises. For your information, if you click on the merchant’s name you will have access to all his contact details.

When you are about to finalize your purchase, a summary of your billing information will appear.  Please note, this is the final stage where you will have the opportunity to modify your order. By clicking on “Order”, you will be transferred to the Monetico online payment services to complete your purchase.  



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How can I track my order?


If you have chosen the shipping option for the last order you put in, you will receive an initial email to confirm that your order has been processed by the merchant. A second email will be sent once your parcel has been shipped and it will include a tracking number along with the carrier’s name.  

By login in, you’ll access “your account”. This is where you will be able to modify your personal information and have access to “Order tracking” by using the drop-down menu.



By clicking on the tab “ Order tracking”  you will get the list of your current and completed orders. This is where you will review the summary of your last purchase(s) and print your invoice. In order to do that, you just have to click on “ completed orders”, In the event that you haven’t received a shipping confirmation email, you will then find your order under “Current orders”.



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